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I am the owner but not the founder of the business.


My Concern:  I know this business has the ability to go to the “next level”, but I am not sure of the next steps to get there.

Bryan:  This is the heart of coaching.  I work with business owners to help them do this very thing.  I begin with asking a lot of questions to understand your business.  What are you good at?  What are your struggles? I prefer to work with businesses that are already successful, and I use the analogy of a Ferrari driving at night.  My observation is that most businesses drive with the window rolled down and a flashlight stuck outside and are driving at walking speed. I am a GPS and high beams.  I help plot the course and identify turns and potholes far enough in advance to react appropriately.  The effect is you can step on the gas without fear because I’ve been down that road many times before.


My Concern:  Any time I try to make changes, I experience resistance from my staff. At this point I feel that any changes must be “home runs” or I will lose credibility.  Consequently, most of the time I opt for no change unless I am absolutely sure of the result, and such times are few and far between.

Bryan:  This is an issue of trust, either real or perceived. Two things that quickly build trust among employees are success and leader confidence. I will work with you to achieve both. These objectives have a self-building characteristic. I refer to my above stated sports car analogy. My knowledge in this area gives you confidence to step forward to achieve the desired success quickly. This success then enhances the trust within the team. This newfound trust gives you more confidence in your ability … and so on. 


My Concern:  I am resistant to change so as to not insult the previous owner (who may still be in the business).  If there was a conflict with the previous owner, will the staff take his/her side?

Bryan:  In the great majority of cases, the previous owner still being in the business is because he / she needs you as much as you need him / her.  In a private sale, there is almost always a vendor take back (extended payment to the seller) so the seller is motivated to make it work. I am a bit of a movie buff, and my favourite line (actually a paraphrase) in the movie Jurassic Park is, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”.  The business application of this is to make sure that we don’t major on the minors.  An experienced business coach can help determine which issues are “a hill to die on” (and the best way to procede) and what we can let slide for now.


My Concern:   The founder of the business was very much an entrepreneur / salesperson.  My skill set is more in the operational / technical side of the business.  I would like to grow my business, but I'm not sure the best path forward.

Bryan:   Understanding what you're good at and what others are better at is a strength not a weakness. I will show you how to tap into that strength and grow your business.