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For those of you on the call that are from the Quinte area, my introduction to Belleville was when we purchased Nordenia’s plant on the corner of College and Jamieson Bone in the industrial park.  Emmerson Packaging’s revenues are in excess of $100 million and currently employs about 100 employees in Belleville and over 300 employees in the main Nova Scotia plant.  We have been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the last 13 consecutive years.  In 2010 my family finalized the generational transition of the company to me and my three siblings as we bought out my father.  Although I am no longer involved in day-to-day operations, I am on the board of directors and go down east four time per year for director meetings.

Since moving to Belleville in 2007, I have led two start-up companies and for the last 9½ years I have been a business coach working with business owners to achieve their goals.

Next month my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and we have two children.  Alexandria is a first grade school teacher in Nashville, TN.  David is a medical technician in the Canadian Armed Forces, and he lives in Petawawa, ON with his wife Katie.

I enjoy martial arts, motorcycle riding, reading, skiing, boating, and traveling with my family.  Last summer we became the owners of two Siberian Husky puppies.